About Me

Once upon a time, my dad brought me, a first-grader, to a magical building called "the library," where I fell in love with reading.


Through the years, my passion led me down fanfiction rabbit holes, obscure tumblr threads, and endless wiki pages. Eventually, I learned I could contribute to my favorite fandoms through creative writing.


If writing is my fire, then video games are its spark.


Since my childhood, I've fallen into fantastical worlds, ridden emotional roller coasters, and obsessed over ships and lore.


I strive to recreate these magical moments for future gamers and gift them a place to find and lose themselves, too.


So here we are: my writing caught up with my obsession with video games, and now, I'd like to make my dreams of creating amazing and emotional video game narratives a reality.


Thank you for your interest!

Background art by Venacyr from the Global Game Jam entry, Blessings (2019).

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