Academic Writing

Through my studies at UC Davis, I've improved my formal writing skills. I learned to utilize a variety of formats, including research papers, literary analysis papers, and informational interview reports. 


Check out the samples below and hover over each picture for a short synopsis.

Research Paper

A Fan's Voice

"Whether or not those specific ideas become part of [Overwatch's] canon, fans influence how the creators move forward with their work to improve their already diversified cast and illustrate different representations of minorities or typically stereotyped people."

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Informational Interview

Interview Report about Tom Lee

"Creative Directors are the lifeblood of an IP. They are the person who comes up with a vision, cleans it up with a smaller group, and eventually brings an awesome product to the public."

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Literary Analysis

Beyond the Binary

"By viewing Viola/Cesario as genderqueer with “they/them” pronouns and presuming that they care little as to which way (or neither way) a person identifies them, the possibility of a love that transcends sex and gender exists."

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