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 artwork from pixabay.

As a writer, I've drawn inspiration from a variety of sources, whether a video game like Overwatch, fantasy-based worlds like Dungeons & Dragons, or simply letting my shipper's brain take over.

Spell — romance

Two women meet at a bar, and their emotions swirl as the night drags on. Inspired by an Inktober prompt.


"They make eye contact.

Awkward, cringey, heart-fluttering eye contact. 

It takes all of a single second for grey eyes to meet amber ones across the bar, and another for their heads to turn away."

Forward — fantasy, introspection

A druid contemplates the price he must pay for justice when he forsakes his beliefs for vengeance. Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

"He loosens his grip ever so slightly, and a burnt leaf floats from his palm to the ground, shaking and swaying along to the rhythm of the earth. The elf’s violet eyes pierce the night sky, wordlessly begging for a taste of vengeance. The air around him tightens, and he can feel his blood race through his veins as he commands the wisps of grass to halt. They fall to the ground, following the lone leaf."

Villain — origin story, mock script for animated short

Vex, an infiltration expert, is caught between her morals and saving her best friend. Inspired by Overwatch.

"So, it's a bit of a tough sell. Working for an organization whose ideals go against your own.


My job is to observe the deterioration of someone close to my heart.


She was the one who told me I could be whoever I wanted to be. Now isn't that a beautiful story?"

Erika "Vex" Sørensen, one of my most fleshed-out original characters. | my art (left), dd3odraws (right)

"You gotta live life true to yourself!"

That quote (originally spoken by Yuffie Kisaragi in Final Fantasy VII) has always been the core aspect of Erika "Vex" Sorensen. I first threw together this character way back in my middle school days when I had no idea what I was doing — I just knew I wanted to write an awesome sci-fi story. That story never panned out, but I wanted to keep working at this character whose voice was absurdly clear in my head. I soon turned her into a League of Legends mock Champion as "Erika, the Lost Survivor," and developed her as the innocent and fun-loving younger sister to a stoic Noxian soldier. However, after that Champion's lore was changed, I scrapped Erika as a League Champion and rewrote her as an Overwatch Hero, as the older sister to Emily, a side character who gets absolutely no lore development. 

As a queer person, I wanted to write in some of my experiences with Vex. She would work as an unwilling Talon agent and use her smarts and psychology/brainwashing research to assist in the "breaking" of her best friend, Widowmaker — while simultaneously looking for a way to free her. For Vex's mock Overwatch kit, I focused on her ability to create shadow illusions and shapeshift into other people. This would serve as a metaphor for her gender dysphoria, as she can literally (through the use of this technology) become whoever she wants to be. However, she has trouble accepting and loving herself, and, as such, she hides her pain and self-deprecation with a cocky and headstrong attitude. Though Blizzard's Echo utilizes this "shapeshift" ability, I found that disappointing as I hoped this powerful ability would allow a queer character to have a deep personal journey. 

I have many ideas in mind for this character, and I hope that I can one day share her story through an incredible video game.

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