Freelance Writing

As a freelancer, I rewrote professional guides into video scripts for the website ProGuides. I utilized my knowledge of Overwatch lore and humorous creative writing to tailor these scripts to a casual audience.



"[...] [M]issing shots leads to missing grenades leads to missing sleep darts leads to your teammates dying and then you dying and then you lose the point and oh god, you decide just to switch to Lucio so you don’t have to think about shooting your teammates and letting everyone die."

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"With a mace to the face, Brigitte gets up close and personal. Sure, she still puts out some strong healing numbers like any other support, but hey - this Shieldmaiden has the potential to really bash some skulls in. Which, uh, on second thought, doesn’t sound very chivalrous. It’s fine - her heart’s in the right place."

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"With her cocky, sarcastic quips, know-it-all charm, and definitely-not-a-Kamehameha-ultimate, Moira brings a certain drive and power that other supports can’t provide."


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